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Positive outcome on a DUI

My client was charged with DUI with aggravating factor of a high BAC in Ouray County. My client had a BAC of .185, admitted to drinking, and was in an accident. I was able to work out a deal with the prosecutor to reduce my client’s charges to a DWAI deferred pending 12 month unsupervised probation, and he was able to keep his driver’s license. Instead of spending any time in jail, my client successfully cleared his 12 month probation and was able to enjoy an anniversary with his wife in Europe!

Violation of Probation Hearing Victory

My client was in violation of his probation by failing to attend required classes, failed multiple UAs, and failure to keep appointments with the probation officer. We had a hearing to decide if he had indeed violated his probation. I was able to prove the probation office had failed to send the proper paperwork to allow my client to continue counseling.  Also, I was able to cause enough confusion over whose fault it was for the lack of communication that the judge decided to close the case and take my client off probation.

Felony Bribery and Attempt to Escape, Reduced to a Misdemeanor

My client was charged with bribing a peace officer for release from custody in Boulder County.  My client offered to pay the peace officer for release from custody, and upon denial by the peace officer my client began to make threats of violence and attempt a physical escape.  The DA wanted to stay with the felony charge but I was able to convince the DA to reduce the charges to a misdemeanor resisting arrest that will be deferred after two years of probation.  My client was extremely satisfied with the result and was able to walk out of the courtroom that same day.

Fraudulent Client Rip Off

Recently in Colorado there has been a string of false clients from out of state contacting attorneys for the resolution of a dispute with a company located in Colorado.  The perpetrators have developed websites and have people answer phone calls for both businesses to lend credibility to the scam.  Once the attorney signs the client they receive a check from the local company to have placed in trust with the Attorney in Colorado and ask for the Attorney to send the funds immediately.  Once they receive the funds there will no longer be any contact from either company, and the check will be caught as fraudulent from the bank.  This happened dozens of attorneys in the metro area and accross the state.  I was contacted by one of these companies as well, however I was able to determine the check was fake before any money was turned over to the criminals. The Office of Attorney Regulations sent out an email a few months later to all attorneys warning of the scam and making a note that only one attorney had not given funds to the perpetrators.  It is nice to be recognized by your peers for appropriately handling client funds and confidences.  This is the same reliable service that I give to all my clients to ensure that everyone is safe, and people like these cannot succeed in stealing funds from our office or our clients.

Felony Arson Reduced to Misdemeanor Negligent Burning

My client attempted to set a couch on fire in front of a police officer while celebrating the Broncos’ Super Bowl win. He was facing felony arson charges in Denver County. We were able to make a deal with the DA to reduce the charge to negligent burning, a municipal violation, that came with 75 hours of community services, one class to learn to be a better person, and a $26 fine. If you ever find yourself in trouble with the law, better give me a call!

Immigration Renewal

My client had let her green card expire and was worried about possible deportation. I was able to help her to renew her Green Card and give her the comfort of knowing she can continue to work and live in this country that she calls home.

Settlement of Auto Accident

My Client and her daughter were rear ended while sitting at a stop light. My client suffered back spasms; her daughter had back and knee problems from the incident. I was able to obtain over $25,000 for my client to help her in recovering from the accident.

Reduction of Probation Victory

My client had been convicted of a DUI with 18 months of probation in Arapahoe County. I was able to petition the court after one year of probation to let my client be released from probation. My client was being needlessly exploited by the system to continue taking money from him, and I was able to stop that exploitation.

Dispute over Ownership of a Property

My client had purchased a property from a private party in Grand County. She decided to finance the property through the previous owner instead of a bank. The previous owner decided he wanted to claim my client was in default for missing a second deposit payment. My client had indeed sent the payment to the previous owner, and he was refusing to accept a certified letter containing the payment. I was able to intervene and make the previous owner accept the payment, and my client was able to stay in her home.

Felony DUI reduced to Misdemeanor

My client was convicted of his third DUI and was facing felony charges in Douglas County for repeat offender with extreme BAC. My client had broken down and pulled into a gas station with a smoking engine. Police responded to a broken down vehicle call to find my client with his vehicle. There were many empty beer and liquor bottles in the vehicle, and the vehicle did not have matching plates, with neither matching the vehicle they were on. I convinced the DA that they had little evidence for drunk driving and we were able to reach a goal that prevented my client from spending more than a year in jail.

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