Recent Cases

Landlord Tennant Dispute

My client had vacated a property and left the premises in substantially the same condition as when she moved in. The landlord attempted to keep my client’s security deposit of $2500 in order to help upgrade the property and resell for nearly $80,000 more. This was outrageous and I was happy to help my client recoup her money and show a bad landlord that there are laws that they must abide by.

Multiple Traffic Offenses

My client was accused of two separate traffic offenses in Arapahoe County within a two week span. The first was a 14 point violation for speeding, driving on a permit without a licensed adult, and driving on a permit with minor children in the vehicle. The second was a 14 point violation for driving on a permit without a licensed adult, and too many passengers in the vehicle, two of which were in the trunk of the Sedan. I was able to get a reduction to 2 points on his license, $300 in fines, and he was able to obtain his license and still currently maintains his license.

Traffic Ticket Dismissal

My client was charged with speeding 12 over the posted limit in Adams County. I was able to show up and get the ticket dismissed. The officer was unable to show that his radar was accurate in showing my client’s speed. My client was successful in not paying the state a dime.

DUI and Leaving an Accident reduced to DWAI

My client was charged with a DUI with a high BAC in Denver County. My client had left the bar and subsequently hit a parked car. She walked back to the bar, and the police showed up several minutes later. My client admitted to having driven the vehicle and caused the accident, and witness statements put her drinking before leaving the bar. I was able to convince the DA to reduce to a DWAI, 12 months unsupervised probation, my client to kept her license, and avoid any jail time.

Employer/Employee Dispute

My client works for a technology company in Denver. He was promised a bonus if he reached a certain quota, and the company was refusing to pay the bonus disputing his claim of reaching his quota. I was able to negotiate with the company and resolve the situation, getting my client his entire bonus he earned.

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